Electric Blues
Stevie Ray Vaughan: Live at Carnegie Hall
Epic 1997
Review Published Oct. 7, 1997
Artist Spotlite on Stevie Ray Vaughan

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Track Listing
1 Into
2 Scuttle Buttin'
3 Testifyin'
4 Love Struck Baby
5 Honey Bee
6 Cold Shot
7 Letter To My
8 Dirty Pool
9 Pride And Joy
10 The Things That
        I Used To Do
11 C.O.D.
12 Iced Over
13 Lenny
14 Rude Mood
EB Rating - 4.5
Recorded on Oct 4, 1984, this performance was Stevie Ray Vaughan's proudest moment. It's the time stamp of SRV's career achieving full potential.
The CD contains 6 songs from Texas Flood, 4 from Couldn't Stand The Weather, and 3 not previously released. The sound quality, while not up to studio standards, is still very good.
Stevie's playing is not quite as exacting as it is on his studio albums, but it does have an edge to it. And make no mistake about it. This CD is loaded with typical SRV style: going all out, giving all he's got to give. Cold Shot is especially well done. And, if you listen carefully, you can pick out the spots in Love Struck Baby where Stevie switches to some behind-the-back action, and again when he reverts back to the more traditional approach.
Brother Jimmy Lee, Angela Strehli, and Dr. John are Stevie's guest performers, and add a touch of variety. The Roomful of Blues Horns play on 5 or 6 of the songs, and while I usually find horn sections to be somewhat overbearing in a small setting, the only song that this occurs on is Dirty Pool.
Extra umph from the live atmosphere, three new songs, and guest performances give this CD distinction. Not to mention the fact that it documents a very significant mile stone in Stevie's career.

Visitor's Comments
Please re-evaluate your rating of 4.5 on the srv "Live at Carnegie Hall" This is the best commercially available live srv. You didn't like Dirty Pool! To me it is his best and I have all of the boots. Wicked guitar and vocals. Please give it another listen. BTW...brother Jimmy's best playing ever recorded is on this CD, and Angela's voice is so rich and deep in the Chicago tradition on Albert's C.O.D. This is awesome srv. ...Tim