Electric Blues
Mike Welch - Catch Me
Tone-Cool - 1998
Review Published July 1, 1998
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Track Listing
1 As Good As Gone
2 Make Up Your Mind
3 If I Love You
4 Mole's Blues
5 Changing of the Guard
6 Catch Me
7 Worried Life Blues
8 Can't Reach You
9 My Love
Belongs to You

10 A Price To Pay
11 Blues for Cara
12 Money
(That's What I Want)

13 Don't Worry

EB Rating - 3.5

Mike Welch is a young guitarist out of Boston MA, who released his first album in 1996, when he was 16 years old. Catch Me, his third release for Tone-Cool records, is predominately seventies style, Beatles influenced pop. Of the 13 songs on the CD, only three are blues numbers, all of them instrumentals.
For the most part the guitar (and vocals for that matter) sound is clean and somewhat thin, pehaps to match the pop style music being featured. Mike's proficiency on guitar, and blues upbringing, is evident in the lead breaks throughout the CD, especially on Mole's Blues. Overall, though, there's just not enough blues on this CD to qualify it as a true blues CD.
Make Up Your Mind, If I Love You, Catch Me, Can't Reach You, A Price To Pay, and the Pop/Ballad, My Love Belongs To You, all bear strong resemblance to pop songs of the early seventies. Money (That's What I Want), is a Beatles cover.
As Good As Gone and Changing of the Guard have more of a light rock feel to them, and the last cut, Don't Worry, is a boogie/shuffle instrumental.
Of the three blues instrumentals, I feel Mole's Blues is the best. The tone of the guitar is thickened up a bit for this slow blues number, and Mike does some inspired playing. Worried Life Blues is a bit mellower, and has Mike sharing the spotlight with pianist David Maxell. Blues for Cara is very quite and subtle soul-blues number.