Electric Blues
B.B. King - Deuces Wild
MCA 1997
Review Published April 3, 1998
Artist Spotlite on B.B. King

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Track Listing
1 If You Love Me
2 The Thrill Is Gone
3 Rock Me Baby
4 Please Send Me
Someone to Love
5 Baby I Love You
6 Ain't Nobody Home
7 There Must be a Better
World Somewhere
8 Confessin' the Blues
9 Paying the Cost
to be The Boss
10 Dangerous Mood
11 Keep It Coming
12 Cryin' Won't Help You
13 Night Life

EB Rating - 3.5

Deuces Wild as the name implies, is a collection of duets, pairing B.B. King with an impressive array of musical talent. Practically all musical styles are represented on this CD, including Rock, County, Pop, and Rap. Guest appearances include Tracy Chapman, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, D'Angelo, Dr. John, David Gilmour, Heavy D, Mick Hucknall, Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones and Marty Stuart. Looks great on paper. In reality, turns out to be OK, a collection of nice songs.
This CD has little to do with B.B. King's music. For the most part, B.B.'s playing and singing are reserve. It's as though he is purposely trying not to upstage his guests. It's not that the songs are poorly done. But in general, the CD doesn't offer a lot in the passion/emotion department. The songs are politely and nicely performed. Not really what the blues, or B.B. King, have always been about.
Having said that, what this CD does have going for it is consistancy. Things stay on a very even keel. If you like any one of the songs, it's likely you will like most of them. Not to many sharp turns here, except for one rap song. The quality of the talent is evident in the lineup listed above.
This is basically a collection of nice vocal numbers. If you think you might like some "easy listening", or if a majority of the guest artists appearing on this CD are some of your favorites, it may be an interesting CD to add to your collection. On the other hand, if you are more interested in hearing the blues as performed by Mr. King, I recommend you pick up Live in Cook County Jail, Blues Is King, or Live at the Regal in no particular order. These CDs feature B.B. King at his best.