Electric Blues
Smokey Wilson - The Man From Mars
Bullseye 1997
Review Published Sept 1, 1998
Artist Spotlite on Smokey Wilson

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Track Listing
1 - Thanks for Making
Me A Star

2 - Something Inside Of Me
3 - The Man From Mars
4 - 44 Blues
5 - Louise
6 - Too Drunk To Drive
7 - You Don't Think
What I Think

8 - Black Widow
9 - Just Like A Mountain
10 - Don't Want To Tangle
With Me

11 - Doctor Blues
12 - Easy Baby

EB Rating - 4.5

Smokey Wilson may be based in Southern California, but the music on The Man From Mars sounds as though it was perfected at an interstate rest stop mid-way between the Mississippi Delta and Chicago, jamming with musicians traveling to and from those two blues meccas. His guitar playing is stinging, and electric...very electric, his vocals are raw & coarse, and both are meant to be heard loud. Smokey's lyrics are uncomplicated and direct, emphasizing the simple pain and pleasure of life.
This is the most "electric blues focused" CD I've come across. You'll find no soul balads, no rock-blues, no blues-boogie. Just straight ahead blues. Slow blues standards include Louise, Black Widow, and Doctor Blues. Songs like Too Drunk To Drive, You Don't Drink What I Drink, and Don't Want To Tangle With Me are more upbeat, but still firmly rooted in pure blues.
This CD's consistency in delivering raw blues is unrelenting. The only negative aspect of this this CD is that the horn arrangements sometimes become somewhat overwhelming and repetitive. Overall, though, this CD is loaded with good music.
Smokey Wilson earned several 1997 Handy nominations for his work on this CD. Smokey was nominated as Contemorary Male Blues Aritist of the Year. The Man From Mars, was nominated as Contemporary Blues Album of the Year, and the title cut from the CD was nominated as Blues Song of the Year.