Electric Blues
Bill Perry - Greycourt Lightning
Pointblank 1998
Review Published Nov 1, 1998
Artist Spotlite on Bill Perry

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Track Listing
1 - Gettin' Down
2 - In Pain
3 - About Me (Why I Got
The Blues)

4 - The Other Night
5 - Your Smile
6 - Blue Suede Shoes
7 - Sneaking Around
8 - Trust In You
9 - Greycourt Lightning
10 - Come On In
My Kitchen

11 - My Life
12 - Evil Woman
13 - Roll With Me

EB Rating - 4.0

Bill Perry's musical focus tends to be on blues-rock, but he mixes in some blues & rock ballads, solo accoustic blues, blues shuffle, slide guitar, and one straight blues song to give Greycourt Lightning a good variety of styles. Of the thirteen songs on this CD, all but two are originals.
Bill plays guitar and does all the vocals on the CD. His slighly gruff voice comes across pretty well, and his guitar playing is excellent, whether playing acoustic solos, hard-drivin' blues-rock, or anything in between. And when the time comes, he plays straight blues with the best of them. On Sneaking Around, the only electric straight blues number on the CD, and About Me (Why I Got The Blues), Bill's guitar is powerful and emotional.
The Other Night features Bill on slide guitar, Greycourt Lightning is an upbeat blues-rock instrumental, and My Life could easily be mistaken for a Bill Perry/ZZ Top jam. Roll With Me is a catchy blues shuffle, and leaves you in finishing the CD in a good mood. The only song I don't really care for is Blue Suede Shoes. Bill's interpretation of this song is just two far removed from the original for me to enjoy it.
Some more blues-rock, a ballad or two, and a couple of acoustic solo numbers make up the rest of Greycourt Lightning. There might be too much rock and not enough blues on this CD to satisfy some blues fans. But if you like guitar driven blues-rock, this CD is a good bet. Although apparently not currently available in the US (I believe it is available in Europe), I think I like Bill's first release, Love Scars, just a bit better overall. But both are fairly similar in content, and both have plenty of Bill's excellent guitar work.