Electric Blues
Coco Montoya - Just Let Go
Blind Pig 1997
Review Published May 15, 1998
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Track Listing
1 Fear No Evil
2 What's Done Is Done
3 Just Let Go
4 My Side of the Fence
5 Cool Like Dat
6 Do What You
Want To Do

7 Give It To
A Good Man

8 Hard Love
9 Beginner At The Blues
10 Mother And Daughter
11 Nothing's Too Good
For My Baby

12 Never Seen You Cry
This Way Before

13 Sending Me Angels

EB Rating - 3.5

Coco Montoya was guitarist for John Mayall's band for over 10 years, and also spent time with Albert Collins in the 70's. Although he's considered new on the scene, he's been playing blues for over 20 years. Unfortunately, all that experience is not projected well on Just Let Go. Technically, the playing and singing are well done, but most of the music just isn't exciting. It lacks emotional punch. On top of that, there's really not much uniqueness to Coco's singing or playing for one to associate with.
There are a few songs on the CD that show it doesn't have to be this way, that Coco does have what it takes. Do What You Want To Do, a standard blues affair, shows that Coco can sing and play the blues with appreciable fire and passion. Beginner At The Blues has a real funky groove, and I've Never Seen You Cry Like This Before is an soulful, moving blues ballad. Coco draws from all those years of experience for this song, and the vocals and guitar are very passionate. This is one great song.
Ultimately, however, there just isn't enough really notable music on this CD for me to recommend it strongly. Most of the songs are not all that moving or memorable.
Just Let Go is the only Coco Montoya CD I've heard. Looking at the AMG ratings, Ya Think I'd Know Better is their "Top Pick". Perhaps that would be a better choice if you are looking for your first CD by him.