Electric Blues
Richard Norton - I Can Stand A Little Rain
Nortunes 1995
Independent Artist
Review Published Oct 1, 1998
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Track Listing
1 - I Can Stand
A Little Rain

2 - Watch Your Step
3 - Tombstone Sunset
4 - Welcome To The
Real World

5 - My Old Pal
(The Blues)

6 - The Gangster's
Back In Town

7 - Pay Day Rag
8 - My Wicked Ways
9 - I'm Guilty

EB Rating - 4.0

Southern California guitarist Richard Norton wrote all the songs and co-produced his independent release I Can Stand A Little Rain. The blues and blues/rock style guitar playing on this CD is excellent, as good as much of what can be found on numerous small blues labels. Vocals, also performed by Richard, are ok. He does sing on key, but his voice is not particularly notable, and doesn't match the quality of his playing.
For most songs, the band consists of guitar, bass and drums. Three songs include keyboard.
There are several different elements on this CD. Of the blues-rock tunes, I Can Stand a Little Rain and Welcome to the Real World are most notable. The later features some nice slide guitar. Tombstone Sunset and Pay Day Rag are solo acoustic instrumentals. My Old Pal (The Blues) and I'm Guilty fill the straight blues category, and both are excellent. My Wicked Ways is a Texas shuffle variation, and my personal favorite from the CD, The Gangster's Back In Town, is an up-tempo, wah-wah driven, SRV style instrumental.
All in all, I think this is a very good effort. I Can Stand A Little Rain is the best independent CD I've heard so far. Five of the songs are in the very good to excellent category, with the rest of the songs rating OK to good. There are no truly poor songs.

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