Electric Blues
Pete Mayes - For Pete's Sake
Antone's 1998
Review Published Aug 15, 1998
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Track Listing
1 - Pony Tail
2 - Movin' Out
3 - You Don't Understand
4 - Mother-in-law Blues
5 - I Like Your Style
6 - Alimony Blues
7 - You're Still My Baby
8 - Can't You See What
You're Doin' To Me

9 - Just Like a Fish
10 - Next Time
You See Me

11 - House Party
12 - Piney Brown Blues

EB Rating - 3.5

Texas based Pete Mayes has been a part of the Texas blues scene for more than 40 years. Growing up in the small Texas town of Double Bayou, he moved to Houston in 1960, which was becoming home for many Texas blues performers.
His musical style, both on vocals and guitar, is smooth, relaxed, and understated. He blends blues, easy texas shuffle, and R&B styles to create a laid-back selection of 12 tunes on For Pete's Sake.
Most songs are backed by horn arrangements and piano accompaniment. The music is fairly consistant throughout the entire CD. The 3 song set will give you a good feel for the overall mood of the CD.
You Don't Understand, You're Still My Baby, Next Time You See Me, and Piney Brown Blues are slow blues or blues ballads. Mother-in-law Blues and Just Like a Fish are easy Texas shuffles. I Like Your Style and Can't You See What You're Doing to Me are straight R&B. The remaining songs are jump/swing blues.
The sound and balance of the band is good. The overall mood of this CD stays on the mellow side, too much so for my tastes, but the production and quality of this CD are very good. Fans of easy-listening style blues and R&B will like For Pete's Sake.