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Bobby Mack - Red Hot and Humid
Provogue 1991
Review Published Feb 1, 1998
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Track Listing
1 Black Jack
2 In The Open
3 Maudie
4 Look Watcha
5 She's So Fine
6 Phillip West
7 Ain't Nobody's Business
8 Change My Mind
9 All Night Long
10 Take It Home

EB Rating - 4.5

Texas has a long standing reputation for producing some very talented blues guitar players. If you want to play blues guitar in Texas, you'd better have your act together. I'd be willing to bet Bobby Mack is a household word among Texas blues fans.
Red Hot and Humid was recorded live in Austin, Texas, in 1989. The CD tears through ten songs, equally mixing blues and road house rock, and adding just the slightest hints of soul. Bobby does some familiar cover songs, including Black Jack, In the Open, and Change My Mind,. among others. In all cases, Bobby's renditions are as well done as any I have heard. Bobby's guitar playing does the Texas tradition proud, powerful & cutting most of the time, but sometimes subtle and reserve. Throughout the CD Bobby frequently shares the spotlight with keyboardist Richard Klein. This should delight keyboard fans, Mr. Klein lays down some excellent sounds.
The first cut, Black Jack has always been a favorite song of mine. Now I have another great, guitar laced version to enjoy. Other notable songs on the CD are She's So Fine, a Bobby Mack original, and Phillip West, a Bobby Mack instrumental that must be a real treat to see performed live. My favorite song on the CD is Ain't Nobody's Business. 75% slow blues and 25% soul, this song is very nicely done. The entire band really put their hearts into it. The guitar and keyboard solos are moving.
Red Hot & Humid is Bobby's best CD. Go to Bobby Mack's website now to learn a little more about him and check out some sound clips. The bad news is his music is not well distributed in the US, and the last time I checked his CD's were not listed at any of the Major US online music stores. They are available at the Germany based CyberCD for around $30. The good news is you can buy all Bobby's CDs directly through his site at reasonable prices. While you're there, drop him some email. You will most likely get a response directly from Bobby. Tell him you read about his music at Electric Blues.