Electric Blues
Tab Benoit - Live: Swampland Jam
Justice 1997
Review Published Jan 1, 1998
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Track Listing
1 Let Love Take
2 Ain't Gonna Do It
3 Moon Coming Over
   The Hill
4 Too Many Dirty
5 Keep On Moving
6 Heart Of Stone
7 Gone Too Long
8 Garbage Man
9 Crawling Kingsnake
10 Louisiana Style
11 It Takes
    A Long Time
12 Hot Tamale Baby

EB Rating - 4.0

What sets Swampland Jam apart from most other live albums is the fact that it is comprised entirely of new songs. There are no songs borrowed from Tab Benoit's three previous 3 CDs. The only drawback is, although the CD is very good throughout, I found that it lacks the extra energy normally associated with a live recording. I like live recordings that make me "wish I could've been there". I just don't get that feeling listening to this CD.
The highlights of Swampland Jam are a rendition of Albert Collins' Too Many Dirty Dishes, and the upbeat shuffle Gone Too Long, where Tab's playing does become quite energetic.
Louisiana buddy Raful Neal performs with Tab on the humorous Garbage Man. There are also guest performances by Jumpin' Johnny Sansone, Tabby Thomas, and Chubby Carrier.
If you are considering purchasing your first Tab Benoit CD, I recommend starting with his first (and best) release, Nice And Warm. If, on the other hand, you are an established Benoit fan, this CD will not disappoint. The songs are very good throughout, and all are new material. Swampland Jam is a worthy addition to your Tab Benoit collection.