Electric Blues
Walter Trout - Walter Trout
Ruf 1998
Review Published Oct 15, 1998
Artist Spotlite on Walter Trout

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Track Listing
1 - Got A Broken Heart
2 - Obstacles in my Way
3 - Come Home
4 - Marie's Mood
5 - One Way Street
6 - Tender Heart
7 - Hardtime Blues
8 - In Love With
You Again
9 - Don't Worry About It
10 - Song For A Wanderer
11 - Temptation
12 - Walkin' In The Rain
13 - If You Ever
Change Your Mind
14 - Jules Well
15 - Let Me Be the One
16 - Boo

EB Rating - 4.5

Based in California, but not well known in North America, Walter Trout should gain some well deserved recognition from the release of his second CD available in the US. I say second in the US because he's released several CDs on the Provogue label dating back to 1990 that are only available in Europe. Prior to that Walter played with Canned Heat and shared guitar duties with Coco Montoya in John Mayall's band.
Walter plays a fairly even mix of rock, blues-rock, blues and ballads, and he's equally comfortable with all these styles. I've found this to be true on all 3 CDs I've heard. He is an exceptionally talented guitarist, both technically & emotionally. And he's a powerful vocalist as well. Even though there's quite a bit of rock on this CD, It appeals to friends and family who ususally don't go for rock CDs.
There are a few too many songs. The CD totals nearly 74 minutes. If two or three of the weaker songs had been omitted, I could easily have given this CD a 5.0 rating. In particular, Song for a Wanderer is a ballad sung in high pitched Falsetto, which I didn't find enjoyable.
But for the most part this CD, composed entirely of originals, is loaded with great music. The blues and blues-rock tunes are very emotionally done, and the rock tunes exhibit strong, blues
influenced guitar work. Walter comes out stong with the blues-rock opener Got A Broken Heart, and the stage is is set for the rest of the CD. Marie's Mood is a moving instrumental with obvious Carlos Santana overtones. Other standout blues and blues-rock songs are Come Home, Walkin' in the Rain, and If You Ever Change Your Mind. You get a dose of good old fashioned Chuck Berry style Rock-n-Roll with Don't Worry About It..
Walter has long enjoyed great popularity in Europe. A friend told me that this CD is #18 on the November Blues Review Sales Chart. It seems North American blues fans are beginning to discover Walter Trout as well. If you like this CD, I strongly recommend Live (No More Fish Jokes) on the Provogue label. It's available at most European based online music stores.