Electric Blues
Susan Tedeschi - Just Won't Burn
Tone-Cool 1998
Review Published July 15, 1998
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Track Listing
1 - Rock Me Right
2 - You Need to
Be With Me

3 - Little by Little
4 - It Hurt So Bad
5 - Found Someone New
6 - Looking For Answers
7 - Can't Leave You Alone
8 - Just Won't Burn
9 - Mama, He Treats Your
Daughter Mean

10 - Angel From

11 - Friar's Point

EB Rating - 3.5

Susan Tedeschi's Just Won't Burn is a collection of blues, rock, ballads, and shuffles. About half the songs on the CD were written or co-written by Susan. By far the most prominent feature of the music is Susan's powerful, passionate voice. She can really belt out a tune.
Somewhat contrary to other articles I've read on Just Won't Burn, I didn't find Susan's guitar to be as prominant a component as I expected. She plays guitar on the CD to be sure, but her use of it is basic and moderate.
After getting off to a brisk start with Rock Me Right, Susan settles in for a predominantly mellow set of ballads, blues and medium shuffles. Among the ballad/blues tunes are You Need To Be With Me, Found Someone New, Looking For Answers, Just Won't Burn, Angel From Montgomery, and my favorite of the slow songs, It Hurt So Bad, in which Susan uses her considerable vocal skills to full advantage.
Little By Little and Friar's Point are blues-shuffles, Susan's aggressive and powerful vocals getting another good workout on the latter. The soft rock Can't Leave You Alone and the upbeat Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean round out the set.
Overall, I'd prefer a few less mellow ballads, and was expecting more guitar. But Susan's vocals are really
commanding, and are the highlight of Just Won't Burn.
From the Liner Notes
Those of us who have seen Susan's live performances have waited nearly two and a half years for this special day, the day that you would hold in your hands a CD that accurately reflects Susan's immense talents. Play this disc loud and often. Tell your friends agout this young lady who is about to take the blues and pop world by storm. Tell 'em that you heard her first and that you were there when she came out with her fisrt record. After hearing Susan, you might also want to tell 'em that she's gonna be the biggest thing since Bonnie and Janis. And you wouldn't be wrong!
...Bob Vorel, publisher of Blues Revue magazine.