Electric Blues
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Brian Lee
Live At The Old Absinthe House Bar... Friday Night

Justin Time 1997
Review Published May 1, 1999
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Track Listing
  1. Braille Blues Daddy
  2. Cross Cut Saw
  3. The Sky Is Crying
  4. Ain't Doing Too Bad
  5. Five Long Years
  6. Automobile Blues
  7. Going Down
  8. Look On Yonder Wall
  9. Key To The Highway
  10. Rock Me Baby
EB Rating - 4.5

    Recorded in a club on Bourbon Street, this CD captures New Orleans based Bryan Lee and friends in a hot evening of inspired blues. With tons of stage presence and charisma, and some mighty inspired guitar playing, Bryan leads both musicians and audience through a highly energetic set.
    Eight of the 10 songs are covers, and the set features an impressive collection of classic blues. It's one great song after another (check out that set list), as the show starts out in high gear and keeps building momentum from there.
    The sound quality of this live recording is excellent. Vocals and all intruments are clear and easily distinguishable, and Bryan's five piece band of guitar, harmonica, keyboards, bass and drums is right on the money.
    At this point, you've already gotten your money's worth. But, as if all that isn't enough, there are numerous guest appearances by veteran harp man James Cotton, monster guitarist Frank Marino, and upstart Kenny Wayne Shepherd. All play great lead breaks, and in particular young Mr. Shepherd made a notable impression on me. He sounds great in this strictly blues environment and easily holds his own dispite the overwhelming years of seniority surrounding him.
    There's no sense trying to pick out favorite songs from this CD, everyone of them is excellent. There's something for every fan of electric blues on this CD. Theres' plenty of hot guitar by Bryan and his guests, but this is by no means strictly a guitar show. There's lots of harp blowin', and some keyboards too. Throughout the set Bryan's tight connection with the audience keeps the electricity high. Yes, this highly entertaining CD passes the ultimate test of any live recording with flying colors... I sure wish I coulda been there.
Visitor Comments

I read and totally concur with your review of the Bryan Lee CD. I also agree with your comments about Kenny Wayne. He is no doubt a gifted blues player and he shows that in the environment of this recording.
Tom - 5/16/99
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