Electric Blues
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Bugs Henderson/Shufflekings - Guitarbazndrumz
Poor David's Records 1992
Independent Release
Review Published Jan 1, 1999
Artist Spotlite on Bugs Henderson

Track Listing
  1. Introduction
  2. Take Your Time
  3. Jitterbugs
  4. Sleepwalk
  5. Lucille
  6. Good Stuff
  7. That's The Truth
  8. When A Man Loves a Woman
  9. The Road
  10. Rock Me Baby
  11. C&W Medley
  12. Encore "Shake Rattle & Roll"
EB Rating - 5.0

    Let me start off with a word to those of you who are already Bugs fans. Gather $17 and mail your order to Poor David's Pub today. You will love Guitarbazndrumz. I have 9 Bugs CDs, most of them highly regarded, and this has easily become my favorite. It's well worth the extra effort to get a copy.
    OK then, now for the rest of you. Bugs Henderson is not strictly a bluesman or blues-rocker. He does play a lot of blues. He also plays a lot of rock n' roll, some pop, a little country, ballads, 60's instrumental rock (a la The Ventures), and whatever else strikes his fancy. I'm not aware of anyone else who records with as much diversity as Bugs does. He seems equally at ease with all of these styles. In case you haven't yet gotten the point, Bugs is one hell of a guitar player. Throughtout all these mood swings though, the inspiration for all this music, the blues, is never too far removed. I can't think of a dramatic quality to describe his vocals, but he gets this job done in fine fashion as well.
    It's obvious from listening to this CD that Bugs thrives in a live environment. From beginning to end you can hear Bugs interacting with the crowd, talking, kidding around, and just having fun with them. He weaves extra enjoyment into the set by sharing little bits of insight here and there, and frequently encourages (and gets) audience participation. Besides Guitarbazndrumz being full of good music and great guitar, it's also tons of fun. This is definitely a "wish I coulda been there" CD. I would love to take credit for discovering this CD on my own, but the truth is it was recommended by a visitor on the message board a while back.
    As far as I know, the only way to get this CD is directly through Poor David's Pub in Dallas TX, where the CD was recorded. As of this writing, they are not set up for internet orders, so you'll have to contact them to confirm availability & price, and get their postal address. Don't forget to tell them EB sent you.
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