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Michael Burks - From The Inside Out
Independent Release 1997
Review Published Feb 1, 1999
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Track Listing
  1. Find Me A New Love
  2. From The Inside Out
  3. Talk To Me Baby
  4. Little Did I Know
  5. Lyin', Sneakin' and Cheatin'
  6. Play Hard For My Money
  7. Lonely Heart
  8. Nothin' Else To Do
  9. Can You Feel It
  10. Too Hard To Please
  11. Jammin' At The Wheel
EB Rating - 4.0

    A recipient of the Blues Foundation's Albert King Award for most promising guitarist, Michael Burks has obviously taken inspiration from that award's namesake. On this CD's slower tunes, Michael's vocal style and thick guitar sound reminded me of Albert more than once. He doesn't stop there though. Michael is able to step up the pace with some spirited blues-rock as well.
    All songs on From The Inside Out were written by Michael, and include a mixture of blues-rock, slow blues, and ballads, with a little soul and R&B thrown in. Little Did I Know, Lonely Heart, and Too Hard To Please are standard blues songs, and it's on these songs that the A. King sound comes into play. It's not mentioned on the liner notes, but it's my guess Little Did I Know is a tribute to Albert, who's spirit is quite stong on this one.
    Find Me A New Love, Talk To Me Baby, and Play Hard For My Money are faster blues or blues-rock, and I most enjoy Michael's guitar playing on these songs. He seems to switch to a different mode for these tunes. His leads have a stronger feel to them, and I like his guitar's tone.
    Except for the closer, the rest of the songs are soul/R&B/ballad mixtures. The most notible of these is Can You Feel It, a soulful ballad featuring some nice guitar work. The last song, Jammin' At The Wheel, is a lively intrumental.
    Michael's band has been hard at work playing the club circuit, several blues festivals, and gaining recognition. They also have a second CD produced, and are looking for a label. It seems likely to me that The Michael Burks Band will be signed soon.
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