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Indigenous - Things We Do
Pachyderm 1998
Review Published Mar 1, 1999
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Track Listing
  1. Things We Do
  2. Got To Tell You
  3. Now That You're Gone
  4. Blues This Morning
  5. Bring Back That Day
  6. Nothing I Can Do
  7. Begin To Wonder
  8. How Far
  9. What's Goin' On
  10. Don't Take Your Time
  11. Holdin' Out
  12. Another Yesterday
EB Rating - 4.0

    Indigenous, a Native American band consisting of three brothers and a sister, has been receiving a lot of high praise from news & magazine writers around the US. The band's frontman, guitarist/singer, Mato Nanji, is being thrust into a guitar slinger's arena that includes the likes of Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, and Santana.
    The young Nanji is indeed a formidable guitarist, and he draws most heavily from SRV's style for his inspiration. The connection to the others is much more subtle, at least to me. Vocals are not overwhelming, but adequate. As mentioned in some of the press reviews, Mato's voice is reminicent of Darius Rucker (Hootie & the Blowfish), most notably on the slower, melodic numbers.
    Things We Do consists of all original material, a fairly equal mix of Texas Blues and melodic ballads. There are a couple of funk tunes, a pop song, and an instrumental to round things out. The more enjoyable songs on the CD for me are the more upbeat Texas blues ones, in particular Got to Tell You, Blues This Morning, and the instrumental Holdin' Out, in which Mato pulls out all the stops.
    There is a fair amount of good music on this CD and none of the songs are poorly done. But there are just too many ballads to suite me, none of which I find exceptional. For song selection and vocals alone I'd give Things We Do a 3.5 rating. But the strength of the guitar work pulls the overall rating up to a 4.0. I have to say that overall I don't share quite the excitement that I read in all those press reviews, but I've been told that seeing Indigenous perform live is a whole new experience.
05/21/99 - At the prompting of an Indigenous fan, I checked out the "Indigenous Live" RealAudio recordings posted at the Indigenous Website I must say I do feel more of the energy and excitement all the reviewers are talking about after hearing this performance. The band is more animated, and Mato really tears it up on several songs. I would definitely make an effort to see this band live ...Herm
Visitor Comments

How can you give the Indigenous record such a so-so review? Melt the wax out of your ears, man. See this band. This is the second coming, this is the best blues band there is, this band soon will be the center of the blues universe....
Tune Head - 06/21/99
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