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  Michael Katon
Bustin' Up The Joint - Live
Provogue - 1996
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Review Published July 15, 2000

European Discography
Track Listing
  1. Rip It Hard
  2. The Water Won't Boil
  3. No More Wiskey
  4. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky
  5. Love Hoo Doo
  6. Rock Around
  7. Road Tested
  8. The Devil's Daughter
  9. Boogie Whip
  10. Two Angels Flyin'
  11. Wake Up Call
  12. Barbeque On My Boogie
  13. Get On The Boogie Train
  14. Rock 'N' Run
EB Rating - 4.0+
    This 1996 live recording is Mikael Katon's fourth release for the Netherlands based Provogue label. Provogue has a reputation for showcasing no-nonsense blues-rock artists, and Katon fits that description extremely well. Katon plays a hard mix of roadhouse rock, blues and boogie. The band consists of guitar, bass and drums. All the amps & mics must have been turned up to 10+ because the CD is loud, rough and very raunchy.
    The high volume is likely how Katon achieves the powerfully jagged tone of his guitar, which often sounds as though it's on the edge of feedback, and seemingly has the abilty to sustain notes forever. Sometimes it's just straight guitar, sometimes it's slide, and occasionally some wah-wah is mixed in. Regardless of the method of delivery, however, it's all roadhouse raunch... good stuff! Vocals are gruff and not exceptionally musical. But except for a couple of isolated instances when it sounds more like he's shouting than singing, Katon's vocal style actually works well and suites his music.
    There are several notable songs in this set of all Katon originals. "The Water Won't Boil" and "Lucky, Lucky, Lucky" are both slow, hard blues numbers, and are among my favorites on the disc. The guitar work on these songs is way, way down in the gutter... be careful or you might get some on you. "Road Tested" is a slide guitar number in the Elmore James tradition. "The Devil's Daughter" and "Two Angels Flyin'" can best be described as haunting ballads, and the latter features some very nice work on slide guitar. "Barbeque On My Boogie", a medium paced shuffle-blues-boogie, is another of my favorites.
    Michael Katon's style is not for every blues fan. He certainly won't appeal to those who like a little sensitivity with their blues. And while I found his vocal style to be a good match in most cases, some may find his vocals to be somewhat harsh and gruff. But he does deliver his brand of blues-rock with authority, is and excellent gutiarist, and has probably the most wicked guitar tone I've ever heard. Those who are fans of blues-rock guitar and open to vocals that do not feature a powerful vibrato would likely find this CD a worthy addition to their collection.

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