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  Dave Thompson
Little Dave and Big Love
Fat Possum - 1995
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Review Published Nov 1, 2000

Discography / Soundclips
Track Listing
  1. Standing Up On My Own
  2. You Took Me Baby
  3. After Hours Bar
  4. I'm Having It So Hard
  5. Hey Moma
  6. Why Do You Treat Me This Way
  7. Instrumental #7
  8. Got A Bad Feeling
  9. Ain't It A Shame
  10. I Don't Care What Nobody Say
  11. Mississippi Boy
EB Rating - 4.5
    Little Dave and Big Love features a set of 11 original tunes with plenty of snarling guitar and good vocals. Styles include Texas shuffles, funk and straight blues, and the general tone is very upbeat, with only one slower soul/r&b type song and one straight blues. The predominant style is hard blues and blues-rock, but the feeling never ventures into the realm of heavy blues or straight rock. Dave plays and sings lead, and is backed by a well balanced band of rhythm guitar, bass and drums. But Dave's guitar leads are the highlight of this CD. His tone is nasty and biting, due in part probably to his preference of using a quarter for a pick.
    The opening funk/blues-rock cut, "Standing Up On My Own", immediately sets the stage and gets the listener's attention with a guitar intro punctuated with a searing, sustained note of high intensity. "You Took My Baby" is an up tempo blues-rocker. Then things slow down a bit for the next couple songs. One of the mellower songs on the disc, "After Hours Bar" is a moderate shuffle featuring a little light slide work. Following that is the melancholy "I'm Having It So Hard"
    After a couple more blues-rock/funk tunes comes "Instrumental #7", an excellent, rowdy guitar romp smoothered with SRV overtones. A couple of cuts later comes the obligitory slow blues grind, "I Don't Care What Nobody Say", and this is a good one on which Dave plays with considerable intensity and passion. The shufflin' "Mississippi Boy" closes things out on an upbeat note.
    This is definitely a CD for blues guitar fans. The tone is nasty and biting and the style aggressive. Combine the excellent guitar work with respectable vocals, above average songwriting, and a good backing band, and you have a very enjoyable CD.

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