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  Blue By Nature
Live at the Lake
Hostel - 1998
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Review Published May 7, 2000

Discography/Sound Clips
Track Listing
  1. 'A' Jam
  2. My Misfortune
  3. I'll Get Along Alright
  4. Been So Long
  5. Fun And Games
  6. Another Day, Another Mile
  7. I Had It All Wrong
  8. I Got A Worry
  9. You Got Me Working
  10. Steal Away
  11. You Got A Way
  12. Whatcha Want
  13. Right The Wrong
EB Rating - 4.5

   Blue By Nature is yet another fine blues band based in California. Live at the Lake is a two disc set, featuring the band in a live setting. The performance ranges in mood from from energetic and upbeat blues-rock and funk to slower blues and R&B flavored ballads, as the band works through a set consisting entirely of original songs. The five member band is fronted by singer/songwriter Karen Lawrence, who's excellent vocals are distinctive, hard-hitting and emotional. There's a definite sense that she connects with her audience.
    Although fronted by Lawrence, the band has a very stong guitar presence as well. There's a generous amount of excellent guitar playing laid down throughout the two discs. While I would not classify Blue By Nature as a strictly guitar oriented band, there's more than enough high quality guitar to safely recommend the group to blues fans who favor that instrument.
    Some of my favorite songs from the disc are the blues-rock numbers "I'll Get Along Alright", which which features some of the most spirited guitar work, and "Another Day, Another Mile". Of the slower songs, "Fun and Games", a powerful blues ballad, and the medium paced shuffle "Steal Away" are excellent. "Whatcha Want" has a prominant Cream feel to it.
    Blue By Nature is definitely a band I would make an effort to see if they came to my area. Karen Lawernce's strong vocals and commanding stage presence, combined with the strong guitar and unusually broad selection of interesting orginal material on Live at the Lake have me convinced Blue By Nature is a band to watch for.

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