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Dave Meniketti
On The Blue Side
Blue Moon - 1999
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Review Published March 12, 2000

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Track Listing
  1. Man's World
  2. Angel On My Shoulder
  3. Can't Do Nothin' Right
  4. Loan Me a Dime
  5. Until the Next Time
  6. Just Coastin'
  7. Bad Feeling
  8. Say Goodbye
  9. Parchman Farm
  10. Take It Like A Man
  11. Baby Blues
  12. Mister Blister
EB Rating - 4.5

   California based rock guitarist Dave Meniketti's independently released On the Blue Side is a hard edged, blues-rock CD of unusual quality. Dave's playing style is very agressive and laced with powerful, rapid-fire solo breaks. Although this style of play can result in a lack of emotional impact, Dave delivers considerable passion in his music. I found his playing, combined with the snarling tone of his guitar, to be very convincing. Dave's vocals are solid and powerful. Fans of Gary Moore's style of blues will have no trouble relating to Dave Meniketti.
    There are 3 cover tunes and 9 orginals on the CD. Dave's covers of "Man's World" and "Loan Me A Dime" are both inspired, moving cuts. These songs feature some of the disc's best guitar work. But he does not rely solely on the strength of the covers to carry the CD. Dave's original material is very good as well, and there are very few weaknesses throughout the set. Especially notable originals are the Satriani-like instrumental "Say Goodbye", and "Take It Like a Man", a passionate, fiery blues ballad.
    The majority of songs on the disc are slow to medium paced, and provide an excellent backdrop for Dave's blistering fretwork. Scattered over the last half of the disc are two or three more hard rock oriented numbers which lose touch with the blues. The hecticly paced "Parchman Farm" is the only song I found myself skipping over.
    For much of the music of On the Blue Side Dave manages to balance a very agressive guitar attack with emotional feeling, a combination that's not often pulled off sucessfully. It should be obvious by now this is not a CD for the strictly traditional blues fan. This is a blues-rock guitar CD all the way. For those of you that enjoy powerful, ripping guitar solos working against a foundation of various blues rhythms and strong vocals, I give this CD a hearty recommendation.

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