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  Damon Fowler Group
Riverview Drive
Self Produced - 1998
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Review Published Oct 14, 2000

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Track Listing
  1. Pocket Full Of Blues
  2. Jig Is Up
  3. Bye Bye Baby
  4. I Don't Mind
  5. Riveview Drive
  6. I've Got Eyes
  7. Ain't Gonna Worry About You
  8. You Ain't My Momma
  9. Money Shot
EB Rating - 4.0+
    Damon Fowler is a young local guitar player from West Central Florida. His band performs at many major blues venues and festivals within the state of Florida and is fairly well-known in that region, but seldom travels out of state. He's opened for many major performers including Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Greg Allman, Edgar Winter, Jimmy Vaughn, Junior Brown, Rick Derringer, Bernard Allison, Chris Duarte and Indigenous, and is often invited on stage to jam with the headliners.
    In fact, Rick Derringer was impressed enough to agree to produce this CD, Damon's first release. Rick's input obviously contributed to the CD's balanced and consistency. The band typically performs as a guitar, bass & drums trio, but enlisted some outside vocal and B-3 Hammond help for this session to fill out the sound a little. Damon plays an agreesive but not overbearing style of blues-rock guitar, and his tone is middleground between clean and dirty. His vocal sound and style are coincidentally very much like Rick Derringer's. So much so, that when I first heard the CD before reading the credits, I thought Rick had done some of the lead vocals, especially on the slow blues song "You Ain't My Momma". But based on the credits, Derringer performs on the CD only in a backing role.
    Riverview Drive is an all-around solid effort, especially considering it's comprised entirely of original material and was produced without the aid of a recording label. It has plenty of strong guitar jams, respectable vocals, and a decent song list. Depending on the mood of the music, Damon at times plays aggressively, other times with finess. The band is togehter and well balanced. The mood of the CD is predominantly medium to upbeat paced blues-rock with one lone blues-ballad type song.
    The only way to get a copy of this CD is to pick one up at a show or order it through Damon's website. The price is $12, which includes shipping and handling, not a bad deal and worth checking out.

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