Electric Blues
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  Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe
The First Temptation
Mystery Media - 2000
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Review Published Jan 14, 2001

Discography / Soundclips
Track Listing
  1. Sister Mary's Boogie
  2. Low Rent Blues
  3. Don't Mean Nothing
  4. Tried to Keep You Satisfied
  5. The Devil Lives in My Amplifier
  6. Working Girls
  7. Love Me Tonight
  8. Chanting Children
  9. On and On
  10. Bad Attitude
  11. Guitar Man
  12. Looking Down on the World
  13. For You Michael
  14. For Those Before Me
EB Rating - 4.5

  • Magic Red
  • Patrick Vining
  • Kevin Bruchert
  • Gary Gomey
  • Phil Creatura
  • Les Toth
    Magic Red and the Voodoo Tribe. Never has a band's name more acurately captured the essence of their spirit. With heavy, prominently out front guitar rhythms and leads... a guitar tone that's wicked as all getout... deep, coarse vocals... and song titles like "The Devil Lives in My Amplifier" and "Chanting Children", there is the distinct hint of an ominous aura. Not down right evil, mind you, just ominous.
    While there's no question that Red's powerful rhythms and scorching leads are the focal point of this CD, vocals also play a vital role and are a major part of the band's presence. The connection between vocals and guitar reminds me a bit of the Trower/Dewar combination. Not so much in the way they sound, but in the way they connect. The CD consists entirely of Magic Red originals, and the songwriting is much better than one has a right to expect from an independently produced CD. Although somewhat overshadowed in the mix by loud guitar and vocals, the backing rhythm section provides solid, tight support.
    The first cut, an instrumental, immediately sets the tone of things to come, opening the CD with a trance inducing guitar rhythm. This provides the backdrop for some slashing yet deliberately relaxed-pace leads. Which brings up one one Red's more interesting playing techniques. While capable of playing quite fast, he doesn't often rely on speed to make his point. He can easily drive the nail deep with longer notes, and does so often. I would loosely classify Red's playing as Heavy Blues, but only occasionally does his playing approach the speed-metal type leads I usually associate with this style of blues. Maybe Power Blues would be a better classification.
    Working through the rest of the CD, the listener is treated to a steady diet of powerful rhythms, leads and vocals. The CD is very consistent, with only two or three cuts that I feel fall below the level set by the majority of the disc. The vast majority of songs are interesting, and while the strong guitar presence is always evident, the CD makes it all the way through without getting tiresome or seeming repetitive. Some of my personal favorites from this disc are "Sister Mary's Boogie", "Don't Mean Nothing", "Tried to Keep You Satisfied", "Love Me Tonight", "On and On", and of course, "The Devil Lives in My Amplifier". You gotta love that title, and it's something probably most every blues guitarist secretly wishes for.
    While this CD is likely to be too heavy and guitar oriented for a few, for those who enjoy powerful, infectous guitar rhythms and down and dirty leads, this one is a clear winner. Strong songwriting and vocals make this a complete package. If I ever get around to completing that "Outstanding CD's Over the Years" section I've been intending to add to Electric Blues, this CD will likely get the US Independent CD category for 2000.

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