Jack Daniels' Training Tables - 06/02/06 - 12/01/20 (Excel 2013 Worksheet)
[formerly Jack Daniels' Intensity Points Table]

Following are descriptions of the more significant updates to Daniels Tables over the years.

Update: Revision 2.3 - 09/19/06
In revision 2 the user interface has been improved / simplified, and there are significant added features. An appropriate heart rate profile is now automatically calculated based on race time input (no more Novice/Intermediate/Advanced/Elite buttons). The ability of more fit runners to race at a higher percentage of HRmax (especially at longer distances) is reflected in the table. Percent of HRmax for each race distance is automatically adjusted up as fitness level improves. Input has been expanded to allow input of several popular distances (rather than just accepting 5k times), and a Daniels' VDOT value is calculated. There are also new supplemental tables for calculating suggested paces for extended Tempo Runs, Effects of weight loss (or gain) on one's VDOT score, Effects of heat on one's racing & training performance. There's also an Interval pace calculation table, as well as a split-time totaler, which will calculate total and average time for up to 25 splits.

This added functionality really makes the Intensity Table worksheet more of an all-around tool for analyzing and planning training and racing strategies, based as closely as I could on on Jack Daniels' training guidelines. Therefore, I've changed the name of the file to DanielsTables2-3.xls

Update: Revision 2.6 - 10/04/06
Modified the Points Calculator (Blue Section) to calculate points directly as Daniels intended... from time and effort (heart rate). Using this method, pace is irrelevant. Added WMA (formerly WAVA) Age Graded calculations. You can now compare your times to equivalent times of runners of other ages. Also added BMI (Body Mass Index) and Absolute VO2max calculators.

Fixed a serious problem in Revision 2.3 with the drop down menu for selecting input race distance.

Update: Revision 2.7 - 10/29/06
Now with WMA Age & Sex grading. Compare times between men and women of same or different ages!

Also, the Tempo Pace Calculation Table now calculates approximate distance to be run for threshold run of a given duration and pace. And a couple of utility calculators, including a freeform VDOT calculator for calculating VDOT from *any* race distance.

Update: Revision 2.8 - 01/12/07
Added a Weekly Intensity Distribution Table, a tool to help with scheduling the appropriate amount of training in each zone (Aerobic, LT, Interval, etc). Also a couple of minor bug fixes.

Update: Revision 2.9 - 04/28/07
Added couple of neat tables. The Peak Potential Table shows the hypothetical best time posible for the user's current age and BMI factor (height and weight). The Age/BMI Adjusted Time tables work in the opposite direction, by adjusting race time by age, weight, height, sex and temperature to calculate the equivelant time for a 25 year old, skinny, open class runner. These tables aren't training aids, per se, but allow for interesting speculative "what if" type ponderings.

Update: Revision 2.9d - 01/20/08
Some minor maintenance and clean-up. Tweaked the Racing HR formula for Marathon. Now in line with Daniels' numbers in Table 2.2 of Daniels Running Formula (edition 2). Added metric Option to Free-Form VDOT Calculator. Reformated the Peak Performance, Age Grading and Adjusted Times section. Now more intuitive and flexible, but with overkill functionality gone.

Update: Revision 2.9e.0 - 05/11/08
Added a calculation table for converting between m:ss/Seconds/MPH formats.

Update: Revision 2.9f.00 - 07/22/08
Added a calculated Heart Rate Reserve (Kavonen) row to the top section of the worksheet.

Update: Revision 2.9g.00 - 01/20/10
Reset Marathon HR back to pre-2.9d update formula. Trying to implement Daniels' non-liner HR/Pace relationships in Table 2.2 of Daniels Running Formula (edition 2) put MHR too close to half-maration HR for middle of pack runners. Made some improvement tweaks to the way the spreadsheet handles empty and/or invalid height, weight, birthdate, and HR entries.

Update: Revision 2.9h.00 - 11/13/10
Fixed a very minor glitch in %HRmax calculations, and added 2nd %HRmax Calc Option to allow a bit of user tweaking. Both changes alter the HR values by 2-3 beats in most cases. Added a calculated Lactate Threshold Heart Rate range (based on 88-92% range as defined by J.Daniels), located in yellow LT Heading Panel near the top of the worksheet.

Update: Revision 2.9i.00 - 01/21/11
Fixed calc bug in the "Weight Change" section. Removed some hidden objects that were causing issues. Moved the instructions to a seperate tab.

Update: Revision 3.00.00 - 05/02/11
Added metric option to Intensity Points Table, and enhanced Intensity Points Calculator to include more input choices.
Enhanced Heart Rate Tweak Option to include Moderate, Advanced, and Aggressive scales.
Added Aproximation Tables for McMillan and Friel training guidelines.

New Update!
Update: Revision 3.01.01 - 12/19/18
Wow! It's been 7 years since the last update. But when I'm running (an off and on affair), I still use this spreadsheet. It's largely unchanged, but a couple of new twists have been added, one or two glitches fixed, and a bit of display tidying done.

- The most siginificant change is the addition of a Custom Distance option. Now, you can choose Custom from the dropdown, and enter *any distance* in miles or KM, including odd distances, such as 3.5k or 5.6 miles.
- The Open Standards table of World Records and World Best times has been relocated to a visible location, and the fields are now editable, so World Records can be kept up to date by the user, if desired.
- The info from the Peak Potential section has been added to the Main Section header area, for more convenient viewing of this hypothetical but interesting calculation.
- Also added an Age Graded Percentage calculation to the Main Section header area.
- Fixed an issue with the Adjusted Time Section that was causing it to be a bit over-optimistic. It was possible in some cases for this calculation to show an adjusted time that was significantly better than the Open Class Standard (Elite record).
- The Instructions have been sectionalized a little better, hopefully making it easier to find the info on each specific section.
- Switch to Excel XLSM format. Excel version 2007 or better is required.

Update: Revision 3.01.02 - 01/23/19
- Added user adjustable Power Factor to benefit of weight change calculations.
- The two entry fields for speculative weight change now default to Dr. Stillman's Ideal Weight for Disance Runners, but can still be overwritten by the user (a table of Stillman calculations is in the worksheet).
- The logic used for the assumption of "Ideal Racing Weight" (an admittedly dynamic topic) has been expanded. The old logic simply assumed the universally recommended minimum BMI score of 18.5 as the ideal racing weight for all runners. However, the BMI scale is widely recognized as having shortcomings. In some cases (for smaller runners), Dr. Stillman's recommendations actually fall below BMI 18.5. The new logic now uses the lower of the two calculations between BMI 18.5 and Dr Stillman's for the ideal weight assumption.
- Cleaned up the Absolute VO2max section, hopefully for better clarity. This section now called Misc. O2 Consumption Calcs.
- Squashed a few more small bugs.

Update: Revision 3.01.03 - 01/28/19
- Cleaned up a few display issues, squashed a couple more bugs.

Update: Revision 3.01.04 - 01/21/20
- Added the option of a weight factor to the vs Table (next to Extended Projection Table).

Update: Revision 3.02.02 - 05/07/20
- Added three options to the Projected Impact of Temperature section, for a total of four. Can now choose from three coaches, Jack Daniels (Temperature), Mark Hadley (Temperature plus Dew Point), Tom (Tinman) Schwartz (Heat Index), plus results from a 10 year marathon Study by El Helou Et al.
- Added the ability to choose an age to compare to in the Entry Time Grading Section.

Update: Revision 3.03.01 - 06/16/20
- Improved logic for deriving %HRmax from %VO2max for more accurate (truer to J.Daniels intent) Racing HR calculations.
- (Old method was 1.5-2.5% under calculated or about 3-4 bpm across the board)

- Added User Configurablilty to the Aerobic Zone levels in the Main Section, with option to restore defaults.
- Improved Race Heart Rate tweak function, now adjustable in 0.1% increments, higher or lower.

- Added a manually configurable Heart Rate Training Zones Table.

- Revamped the Misc O2 Calculations section to be more Daniels specific. included O2 Cost and vVO2max info.
- Also added a Manual entry section for the HHR method of calculating vVO2max from Heart Rate and Pace.
- Dropped the Absolute VO2max numbers from this section.

- Added Percent of Pace/Speed to Misc Calcs.

Update: Revision 3.03.02 - 06/20/20
- Fixed issue with Custom Heart Rate Zones not taking HR info from proper location
- Added a button to restore default HR info
- Moved the Custom HR Zone table higher up in the Worksheet, closer to the Main Section

Update: Revision 3.03.03 - 06/27/20
- Added tenths to HR Percentages in Custom HR Zone Table
- Cosmetic Tweaks
- Minor border clean up along left side
- Fixed location of Weekly Workload Distribution Summary info

Update: Revision 3.03.04 - 06/28/20
- Fixed issue with circular reference error message
- Typo corrections, including a reference in a comment the Misc Daniels' Calculations section
      stating that Daniels time at VO2max is 13 minutes (actually 11.033 minutes).

Update: Revision 3.03.06 - 07/02/20
- Previous revision discepancy. ID'd as 3.03.04 in Filename, but 3.03.05 in worksheet heading
- Typo correction, Impact of heat table, always said Marathon, instead of following Input distance.

Update: Revision 3.04.01 - 09/14/20
- Fixed HR/Pace discrepancy in Easy Aerobic Zone Section when using Race HR Tweak option
- Added Temperature Adjust option to Daniels Tempo Run section
- Added option to apply Race HR Tweak to Lactate Threshold HR
- Expanded Lactate Threshold section to include %HRmax range
- Added Option to show Speed instead of Pace in Race Projection section
- Misc minor formula clean-up

Update: Revision 3.04.02 - 09/15/20
- Fixed metric bug in Projected Impact of Temperature section
- Improved descriptive text for Temperature Adjustment option in Daniels' Tempo Run section

Update: Revision 3.05.01 - 12/01/20
- Made the Aero Zone %Vdot fields User configurable instead of %HRmax.
- Resolved the pace discrepancy between racing and training paces.
- 3 new HR Profile options for a total of 4. Daniels plus Londeree, Pantion & Swain.
- New %HRmax to %Vdot calc in Misc Calculations section
- Updated the (R)epetition Pace calc to follow Daniels 6 seconds rule (6 sec faster than I-Pace at 400 meters).
- Default Riegel Factor of 1.06 can now be adjusted at cell C6.
- Couple of misc bug fixes