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Freischlader, Henrik
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Pepper Cake
Wuppertal, Germany
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Henrik's and his band's third CD out. And they are all keepers. This one is a 3-CD-Live-Set that demonstrates nicely what one can expect when seeing him live. Superb song selection, fantastic guitar playing, absolutly stunning vocals (thought this guy came from chicago and not from wuppertal), great bass & drums. In addition and despite his age he is already very mature in his song writing and phrasing. - Well, I never miss a show when they are close by...
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This 3-CD set is somewhat of


This 3-CD set is somewhat of a musical roller-coster. The first disc is excellent, featuring a strong set of edgy blues and blues-rock songs sprinkled with a few quiet moments.

The second disc is all over the place... ballads, long drum solos, rock. Only a few songs I really like on this disc, and over all too much quiet time. It had trouble holding my attention.

Then, when you drop in the 3rd disc (dubbed "Live Bootlegs"), you are treated to a solid run of top shelf guitar-driven blues and blues-rock. Lots of covers, all of then extremely well done. The 3rd disc is worth the price of admission alone!